My Island

The gentle moderate wind,
The heartwarming glow of the sun,
I walk along the smooth soft sand,
The wind pulls against me as I walk and blows my dress stiff to my legs,
And all I can here when I walk along the shore is the silent rush of the sea and the silent hush of the whispering winds calling me,
I feel like this is my place,
The place where I was made to be,
I feel like I am this lands queen,
The water bows toward me and the the sand parts before me
The ocean is the most clear palest copenhagen blue,
And the sky, I have never seen anything so blue not the sea nor the backs of the humpback whales I sea roam my ocean ,
The sand is like grains of pure gold,
This is the place where I grew up,
And this is where I must stay,
I am this islands soul and its heart,
This is my island