Ice Cold

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

Once again, mum dragged me along,
Haven’t I told her twice, this is just wrong.
You must be silly in the mind, to go to the pool,
In the middle of winter, while the water is still cool!
As I emerged through the gate, I felt the hairs on my back spring up straight.
I waddled towards the iced pool, my insides felt all dull and dark,
my toes wiggled at the edge of the pool, this will leave an unforgettable mark.
I leaped forward; as soon as the water touched the tips of my toes, KAPOW
I unleashed a wild screech, the whole world can hear me now!
I sprinted out, goosebumps covered my shivering body, the water glimmered and shone,
My blood went cold, the freezing blood rushed through my veins, vibrating of my bones.
Brrr, my teeth chattered together, it’s sounded like a skeleton in tap shoes,
I finished the day, with lips that were the darkest of darkest blues!