Come To The Magic Show

We have amazing clowns.
Clowns have funny frowns.
Acrobats are good at balancing on a tight rope.
So come to our circus, I think it is good I hope.
Get some food! Some yummy food!
When you taste our food it will change your mood.
So come to our circus and stay till night and buy some dinner.
You'll choose your food by our food spinner.
Our lions and tigers will roar very loud.
You can hear them from the crowd.
We have a giant tent even on a windy day it will still stay straight.
Our gate never wiggles or wobbles it is a pretty big gate.
The magic is cool, really cool.
Bunnies are very fluffy but never drool.
Sparkles are shiny and bright.
Come to our circus, if you're scared hold tight.