I wonder the corridors, an elegant beast. I hear the whispers as I pass.
I flow by like the wind.
Then I find you, talking with your friends.
I caress your cheek. I whisper in your ear.
Words that never were. Words that change your mind.
I make you my puppet.
These words resound in everyone's minds.
Even when it’s snowing.Or when the sun is shining.
I twist the words like a melody.
Like a lullaby is sung by a siren. You believe me.
I bring you pain. I bring you anguish. I make your life so much harder.
You choose to believe me. You choose to keep smiling.
But before you know it I have strangled you.
You are choking. The room is closing in.
And you are no longer surround by laughing of cheerfulness but of mocking cacophonies.


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