What Is This Door?

One day when Paige was walking to her next class (science with Mrs Gardner) she walked past that strange door again, but this time it was open. She didn’t want to miss her science class but she didn’t want to miss out on a wildly fun experience. Finally she made up her mind that she would quickly see what was inside of that room and then quickly go to her science class.
When she stepped into it, it was just an old dentist room. When she was about to leave to go to her class, something caught her eye. It was a mirror. What is this mirror for she wondered. Then she heard a sucking sound. She looked down. Her body was getting sucked into the mirror. Before she could run, she was trapped in the mirror.
“Noooooo,” she shouted.
All of a sudden she fell into a forest. Straight into a lake. The water was as cold as ice but she quickly dragged herself out and lay as flat as a pancake on the sand. She was horrified, she had so many questions. What is this mirror? Where am I? Why am I shivering like a freezing dog that has been in snow? Why did that mirror suck me up like a cornflake?
Then a whole army of people came riding elephants towards me. The leader of the tribe roared, “You are under arrest! You shall stay here forever!”
Paige screamed, “Nooooooo!”
She woke up panting. “Ahhh,” she said softly, “just a dream.” She went peacefully back to sleep.


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