Justin's Big Game

It was the day Justin has been waiting for. He excitedly jumped out of bed and got ready. Justin made his black Nike drink bottle and washed his black and blue Adidas mouth guard. He made himself some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then he found his black Rebels head gear in his Mum’s silver Prado. Justin put all his footy stuff into his black sports bag.
When we got there Justin was so excited because the field was extremely muddy and wet, so he was going to have so much fun. When they started the opponents didn’t show up to run out to the field and shake each others’ hands but then they came and got into their position.
While they were playing, because of how muddy it was, they were all slipping and sliding everywhere and it was hard work for them.
When they finished playing their parents said they played so well. After the rain stopped their boots were filled up to the brims! The parents helped the kids to change into dry clothes.
When Justin got home, he had a warm shower and got ready for people to come over for lunch.
But it turns out they all had a blast playing in the rain and mud so their parents were very happy and glad.


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