The Lost Orphan

The Lost Orphan
There once was a boy called Ryan and he was very poor. His parents left him on the step of an orphanage. When he was eight he learnt the truth.

"I had a mummy?" he asked hopefully to the care worker at the orphanage.

She was very kind, just like a mum. The owner of the orphanage was very mean and always yelled at the orphans.

"Your mummy was very mean to leave you here at an orphanage!" The care worker felt sad for the boy, for he was very lonely. She whispered to herself, "One day I will help this little boy by adopting him." She loved this little boy so much.

The next morning all Ryan did was cry. All the older kids were laughing at him because he had only just found out that he had a real life mum. You see, Ryan was only five back then and didn't understand that he had been rejected. The care worker, Millie, was comforting him as usual and most of the other kids had been silent while she was doing this because they didn't want to get into trouble with Mrs. Ham, the headmistress / owner of the orphanage.

"Ryan, wake upppp...RYAN WAKE UP! shouted a voice that he somehow recognised. It was Mrs. Ham!

"Come to my office at once, boy", she said, as she dragged him out of bed by his ear.

"Oww oww! ", shouted Ryan.

When they were in the office she said that someone wanted to adopt Ryan! He was overjoyed! Then she came in..... It was Millie! He was not expecting this, but Millie had adopted him. He hugged her for twenty minutes straight and then he asked if Millie had a boyfriend, because he would have a dad, but she said that she wasn't so lucky.

He ran all the way "home" but he couldn't see a house anywhere, he was nowhere near home! He finally saw something... an airport? He ran inside and boarded one of the planes. They flew for hours then BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

The plane was rapidly falling down into the sea! Everyone on the plane was getting ready to jump on the inflatable boats but Ryan didn't know what to do. So he just copied what everyone else was doing. SPLASH! The plane landed in the deep, deep water and started sinking! Ryan quickly jumped onto an inflatable boat and somehow fell asleep. He woke up from someone saying his name softly...Millie! He quickly jumped up and saw Millie looking worried. "Mummy, you're here!" Ryan shouted loudly. They were all safe on land and everyone was looking around at where they were. But how was Millie here if they were on an island?


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