Lillyana And The Pumpkin Seeds

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lillyana and she lived with her mother in a small town called Clomblokens Field. Clomblokens field is a very poor town, all they had left was a sheep named daddy baaa so one day mum asked Lillyana to go and take daddy baa to the sheep market in town mum said “I must warn you Lillyana, do not talk to any strangers on the way and do not get tricked by their tricks.” “Ok mum” and off she went. Lillyana was dragging daddy baa because he knew he was about to turn into lamb chops so Lillyana was dragging him along when all of a sudden an old hag jumps out and says “hello little girl nice looking sheep you got there”. “Why thank you NO not allowed to talk to strangers goodbye”. “Wait, wait where are you off to?” “I’m off to sell my sheep at the sheep market.” “Well it’s your lucky day young lady, I will take that sheep off you for magic pumpkin seeds.” “No no I don’t believe in magic”. “Oh you don’t believe in magic do you, watch this.” So the old hag gets out her wand and says “higglty pigglty igg turn this sheep into a pig” and poof the sheep was a pig oink baa oink baa. “Wow that’s amazing, turn it back” higglty piggilty eep turn the pig into a sheep.” Poof. “Wow deal” so Lillyana took the pumpkin seeds and off she went. When she got home her mum asked “did you get a lot of money at the market?” “Well I didn’t exactly get money.” “What do you mean you didn’t get money?” “Well I got magic pumpkin seeds.” “You got what?” and mum grabbed the seeds and through them out the window and said “get to bed, now we have no food to eat”. That night the heavens opened and it bucketed down, it rained so hard just enough for the pumpkin seeds to come to life so Lillyana walked over to the window the next morning and almost fell over. There was a huge pumpkin vine so she decided to climb it. She got up the top and saw a house with only windows so she walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A servant came out and said “what are you doing here young lady?” “I climbed the pumpkin vine”. “Oh you’re the one who climbed the pumpkin vine, well you better get out of here the witch will come home soon.” “This is a witch house”. Just as Lillyana was about to leave, woosh woosh. “That’s her, quick get inside and hide behind the fridge.” So Lillyana hid behind the fridge. The witch flew in and said “fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of an english girl hahahahaha”. “No no that’s the spider soup that I made you”. “Ooooooooo spider soup yum yum”. So the witch sat down and ate her soup whilst Lillyana was gagging behind the fridge trying not to make a sound and then the witch said “Bring me my dancing wand, my money that we stole off all those people in Clomblokens Field and the goose that lay the golden egg.” So she watched her wand dance around and she picked on it and then she said, “Goose, goose lay an egg.” and the goose laid an egg, so then she started counting her money and she fell asleep. Lillyana snuck out and grabbed all of them and just as she was walking out the door the dancing wand bit her and she screamed and the witch woke up and she was furious so Lillyana ran down the pumpkin vine and got to the bottom and said “Mum, mum get an axe and kill that wand. Pass the axe here” and Lillyana started
chopping and chopping and all of a sudden the witch started getting a bit wobbly and bang, straight through the centre of the earth the witch went and never was seen again. Lillyana gave all the money back to the people of Clomblokens Field and they all lived happily ever after.


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