The Magnificent Pharaoh 2

In an ancient Egyptian temple, there lived a Pharaoh. And in a town lived a boy, his name was Dun. Dun wanted to be a famous explorer like his idol. His name is Koby. He has seen everything but the giant Egyptian’s temple with the Pharaoh.
And guess what. I’m going right now! A day later, I’m in the desert and I see a pyramid in the distance. I’m going to find a mummy.
He went in and he was hoping desperately there would be some water but there wasn’t a single drop. But he found a Pharaoh.
“Is this the temple that has a Pharaoh?” he yelled to the Pharaoh.
The Pharaoh replied in a low pitched voice, “Yes this is the temple with the Pharaoh in it.”
Dun said excitedly, “yes, yes.”
“This is the temple that I’ve always wanted to see!” yelled out Dun. The Pharaoh bellowed excitedly, “But I’m still going to destroy you!”
Dun shivered in his boots. He scampered out. The Pharaoh started attacking him. He even tried really hard to get him out with cave ins, but that didn’t work. So he tried to poke on him and he tried over and over and then the Pharaoh gave up as he realised Dun didn’t want the treasure. He just wanted to admire this old ancient place. The Egyptians had tried to build something to move the huge and heavy blocks. The Pharaoh finally understood that Dun had never wanted the loot.
“Now that’s just being plain old rude!’ thought the Pharaoh.
“I was a bit rude,” said Dun.
They still became friends.
As Dun was leaving the Pharaoh said, “Come back soon.”
Dun replied, “I will come back.”
That’s how Dun became famous.


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