Dragon Queen

Mayla snuck into the darkened castle. She needed to get back before anyone noticed she was gone. She turned a corner and...
“Ooooooww!” Mayla whispered, jumping up and down. She had bumped into a beautifully carved wooden desk and knocked over a small model dragon. Suddenly, a dozen lights flashed onto her, blinding her. There stood king Molten, hands on hips. Mayla looked sheepishly at the king.
“Ummm. Hi dad”.
Mayla stood surrounded by guards trying to overhear her parents whispered conversation. After a few minutes her mum, Queen Soran, a tall, elegant woman, stood up and said...
“You’re grounded!”
“Your friends can come over after school to work on your project”
In bed later that night, Mayla looked onto the balcony and was surprised to see a silhouette sitting there shaped like a...
It leapt off the balcony and glided off into the night. Mayla, too tired to wonder, fell back onto her pillow and was immediately asleep.
After school the next day her friends, Lucy and Amy came over and Mayla wasted no time in telling them what happened.
“Wait, so you’re telling me you saw a dragon?” exclaimed Amy. “Think I saw a dragon” corrected Mayla.
“Who cares?” retorted Amy.
“Well, when in doubt, go to the library” chimed Lucy
“Since when have you liked reading?”
Lucy simply shrugged.
Twenty minutes later they were in the library. A grand, imposing, circular room with oak shelves and plush green carpet. In one corner there was a fire surrounded by some heavily cushioned armchairs which was where they now sat reading a massive, book on dragons. Lucy had opened it at random and was flicking through it.
“There’s supposed to be a map to the last living dragons on p.678... Ha, found it. Now, who’s up for a trip to the Emerald Mountains?”
Nine hours later they were trekking through the foothills carrying three satchels of food and water.
“I’m hungryyyy. Can we please have a break.” moaned Amy. “No, we’re nearly there” replied Lucy, who’d memorised the map.
Another twenty minutes later they were, from what Mayla could tell, about to come into a clearing complete with waterfalls. They rounded a bend and... “woooow...”
They had had entered a clearing full of dragons. There were even a couple in the crystal-like pool.
A beautiful sapphire blue dragon landed in front of them. “Queen Emily would like to see you”
Queen Emily sat on a great, carved stone throne in flowing, long green dress
“Princess Mayla, I’ve chosen you to be my protégé to become the queen of dragons due to your extreme elemental power and courage”
Mayla looked around at her friends who were both gaping at her and said “sweeeeeet”.
For three long years Mayla trained with Emily in elemental and physical skills until she finally was crowned the new Queen of the Dragons.
No one knew what happened to princess Mayla except Amy and Lucy (and they’re not telling).
The end.


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