Human Nature

I have seen the humans. I have watched them roam and wander through time. They explore the Earth in order to find new territories to invade. They love to invade, and they have done it countless times. Humans are greedy and selfish creatures, with little to no regard for anything else. They abuse their land and its creatures and take whatever they want and give nothing in return. They have manipulated and killed other humans to get what they want, whether it be for power, wealth, revenge, whatever you can think of, they’ve done it. The human species is a funny one. It does not even look favourably upon its own kind. I can say that without a doubt, that this has not changed in the slightest. I saw them fighting once again, as they always do, over some sort of stupid material they stole from Europa. But this time, it was much worse than anything I have ever seen before. It will bring about the end of the Earth if they continue on like this. I believe that there is hope. A single beam of light shining out amongst all the darkness. Sadie Garrinson. I saw her amid all the chaos. She had led a group of humans to help other humans and to try and stop the fighting. Though she could not stop the fighting completely, she did aid in its reduction. With a passion so rare among humans, she stood up and confronted those who were fighting. It was a rare sight to be sure. She posses rare type of strength that is not often present among other humans.

“I will not let you continue fighting like this!” Sadie screamed.
“Why should we listen to you?” A commander spat back.
“Why? Why! Look around around you. Do see the destruction you have caused? The lives you have stolen? Are you so blinded by your own greed that you don’t even acknowledge what is happening all around you?”
“Versanium is the most valuable substance on Earth. It has teleportation properties never before observes. It can-“
“But is it worth all of this? How can you even for a second think that this is worth fighting for? There is another way to achieve teleportation, there is always another way. So why do choose the option that results in mass destruction and murder? Huh? you are wasting so much on something of so little value, if you would just stop for a single second, you would-”
The soldier had heard enough. He drew his light-gun, raised it to her head and pressed the trigger.
Sadie’s Army of Freedom screamed as Sadie fell to the ground. As her lifeless body lay on the ground, her army were plunged into action. They ran screaming towards the commander and his army. The army all raised their guns and killed every last fighter in the Army of Freedom.
The commander looked over all the dead bodies and smiled to himself.


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