Sydney Adventure

When I went to Sydney with my family there were lots of people. We stayed in a hotel. When we went out for Dinner, I ate yummy food it was delicious. Then we went to the swimming pool in the hotel. I went to Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and I saw a big clock. Then I saw lots of nice artworks there. They were very pretty. And I went to Sydney Opera House And I was feeling very hot. Before we went to Opera House, we caught the train. On the train there were lots of seats.
When we got back from the Opera House we were in our hotel we were tired. It was the evening then we went to the swimming pool again. After that we brushed our teeth and went to sleep.
In the morning we ate cereal for breakfast. Then we went to Sydney Aquarium, we saw penguins, dolphins, sharks, jellyfish and we saw lots of other fish too.
I have a lot of fun for Sydney adventure. I feel very happy and I was smiling like a sun. I love Sydney!


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