The Bacon Games

I stare at the bacon busily crackling away, my Dad and brother do the same. “I'm going to get all the bacon”, my brother announces “pfft in your dreams” says Dad, “MICK don't be so mean to the kids” Mum snaps, “And may the odds be ever in your… My favor” I announce. I have a BIG reputation for being the bacon queen my dad even admits it! But… there is one problem, Mum always chooses one of us to feed the dog ‘Ziggy’ the rind of the bacon, which gives that person a HUGE disadvantage! “Miles can you please feed the dog the rind?” “NO” shrieks the devastated Miles. YES! I could not believe my luck!. That only left me and Dad now. The second mum put all the bacon onto the plate, I ran to it, but just then, Dad started to tickle me! I was laughing so hard I thought my lungs would burst! Somehow I still managed to put all but one piece of bacon on my plate. Dad got the last piece and was now trying to steal off of my plate! I quickly grabbed my plate and ran to the table. YES! I had won the bacon games I was so happy!