A Girls Best Friend

On a scary rainy night there was a girl called Tahlia that woke up. She couldn't sleep as she didn't like the storm so she stayed up and did some writing. She did it nearly every night. But this night she didn't because there was lightning and thunder. When she started writing there was... "BANG!!....” "Scream." She ran to the other side of the house to go to mum and dad's bedroom.
When she woke up in the morning, she did some more writing not realising that she is supposed to be at school. Once she realised, she ran as fast as she could. Tahlia went to the office to grab a late note but the bell had just rang, she had arrived just in time.
She went outside her class to put her bag down on the rack. When she went into the room the teacher said, "You’re just in time Tahlia."
Tahlia sat down next to Lily, she was a very shy person. For the start of the day they went to the computers and did some research about any animal. She chose baby pandas. She went onto Google and typed it up then did some research, after that she had science to study stick insects, then went to recess. She had no-one to play with at the start but she did at the end. So, when school finished, she went into the car and she said, "Mum where are we going?" She didn't answer. Soon they were out of town. Tahlia realised they were going to the shelter. The shelter is where dogs go that don't have homes. They went inside and saw lots of dogs and then in the corner of her eye she saw her. The cutest puppy ever! All the dogs were really cute but this one was sooooooo cute her name was Sally. It was a Jack Russell and it was very shy. Tahlia begged her mum to take Sally home. "I promise I will help clean her and take care of her, she will be my best friend." So mum, Tahlia and Sally all went home together.
That night Tahlia didn't stay up late; writing in her bed and didn't wake up in the middle of the night when the storm started. Sally and Tahlia both went to bed early and had the best night's sleep together with their best friend by their side.