The Golden Age

The golden age was a time of peace, one without despair;
You could eat in peace, and without a doubt, you’d eat a pair,
For as you should know, they only grow, in a place where the sun has a prominent glare.
There was no such thing as war and gore was not there.
The golden age was ruled by the Gods who had no doubt
That they would protect even the smallest trout.
Shadows did not exist for everyone was pure, but even then
There were still people who were very poor; yet they were happy
For they did know that money wasn’t hard to earn in a world which goes so slow.
The seas were always peaceful, the lakes would always glow;
And it was also a great place to take a leisurely row.
Even in the deepest waters the sea was still bright,
The fish were a glistering rainbow;
So too were the sharks, and on the land there wasn’t a single dog who barks.
The golden age was in the past but it remained for so long
What could have possibly happened to make everything go so wrong?


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