The London War

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

The lightning struck “BANG!” The trees blew and the storm rattled, it was a rocky night and no one was around.
On the streets of London, Big Ben chimed at 12:00am and everyone lay buried under the sheets of their beds. The thunder roared and there was no sound but the weeping of villagers and the roaring of thunder. All was like this because of what happened earlier that day.
It was the year of 1940, when London got attacked without warning. Gunshots were fired, all kids, women and grandparents ran into the bunkers while the men stayed out fighting the Germans. The Germans were chucking out bombs, missiles and all sorts of weapons from the planes.
Kids, mums, grandparents and some pets were all squeezed inside the bunkers. They were singing songs to their kids and hugging relatives, dogs were howling and barking at the sirens while the dads were fighting.
“Argh!” Came a voice from outside. A group of people started crying in the corner knowing it was their relatives screams and cries. Tears were dripping down the faces of the people inside the bunkers. The kids were confused with everything going on around them so they just blocked their ears and tried to listen to the lullabies being sung to them.
The people inside the bunkers heard the gunshots finish. They walked out of the bunkers and looked around. They saw that most of the people staring at them were family. The kids ran to their dads followed by the mums then the grandparents. London had won.
Of course, not everything was good. If a war had just taken place, after the hugs, the families looked behind them and they could see dead bodies lying around, smoke coming off broken down houses and shattered guns on the ground.
Soon a thunderstorm started and everyone ran inside to their houses. All you could hear was crying for their lost husbands. Others were screaming for joy from having a whole family. There were more homeless than usual. Life was going to be hard but London had won the war and they were going to try to live peacefully.
Five months later London had changed, most of the homeless had decided to migrate to a cheaper country. They had wanted to get away from war and go to a lovely country and some other homeless had found a home, some shelter and food.
London had great days were everyone was spirited and happy because the weather or something great had happened; others were sad and gloomy like the day they covered up Big Ben because it had been hit by a bomb during the war. It was fixed now luckily and the trains were running again.
In the last five months London had changed it was now a happy place for people to come and enjoy.
London was back!
The End