Clyde the inventor, Narla the animal enthusiast and Brian the arts specialist are just ordinary grade sixes in the absolute WORST school in the whole entire world; Nonice Primary school. All the teachers are evil, the food is fresh from the dump, and all the kids are bored, mindless zombies. Clyde, Narla and Brian are the school’s only hope for happiness and joy. But little do they know, they’re in for a hell of a ride!

“Come back here you little morons!” Yelled Jeff the school bully. “RUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!” Cried Narla as they turned a sharp corner and leaped into a thick bush. “Ow! Get your foot ‘off’ my face!” Complained Brian. Suddenly, Jeff skidded around the corner and halted to a screeching stop. “Where are ya’?” He bellowed from his stinking decaying mouth. “A-A-A-CHOOOOOOO!!!” Sneezed Brian. “O-oh…”
“RAAAAHHHH!!!” shouted Jeff as he plunged into the bush. The three friends screamed and tumbled out onto the muddy ground. They leaped out of the way of Jeff’s hand and barely missed his fat sausage fingers. Then, out of nowhere, a portal appeared as Clyde, Narla and Brian, mid-jump, tumbled through it and it quickly closed behind them.

They clumsily landed in some sort of cabin.
“Errr… Hello?”
“AAHHHH!!! Who’s there? I’m warning you! I pretend to know karate!” Shouted Clyde.
“Well, now I’ve heard everything. The name’s Cogsly. I made the portal. Who are you?” Cogsly shook their hands.
“Oh sorry. I’m Clyde.”
“And I’m Narla.”
“And I’m Brian. It’s nice to meet- woah! What happened to you?” Cogsly got asked this a lot - he’s half human, half robot. Cogsly sighed. “Long story short, I’ve been in a…fight.”
“And you made yourself half robot?” Exclaimed Clyde. “You must have used an 8vc capacitor!”
“Yep,” said Cogsly.
“Well’ Said Narla, “how do we get back from-”
“Cageland.” Interrupted Cogsly.
“Well, how do we get back?” repeated Clyde.
“I’ll have to restart the portal” Cogsly explained. “I’ve always been fascinated in portals you see. That’s why I made it in the first place. Plus, it gets pretty lonely here.”
“I’ll help” piped in Clyde.
“Thanks, but I’m the smartest person I know. I’m also the only person I know.”
“Oh yeah? You want a bet?”
And that’s how Cogsly became best friends with our heroes. Now it was time to get to work!
While Cogsly and Clyde worked hour by hour, Narla kept recent updates on the time. They needed to finish in 4 hours until home time! It was hard work under the time limit but they all worked together while Brian kept on encouraging them. After some time, they had finished and Cogsly fired up the portal. “Are you sure you don’t want to come with?” asked Clyde. “Na. But we’ll keep in touch.” Cogsly replied. “ I’ll Call you later,” said Clyde. “Bye!” said Clyde, Narla and Brian simultaneously. Then the 3 friends awkwardly tumbled through the portal and back to their own reality.