The Broken Fridge

My coldness is turning hot, the food inside me is expiring, I went to the doctor, their words were not inspiring.
All the magnets are falling off, and the pictures too, and all my certificates, I’m rather feeling blue.
Everything is terrible, and out of date, I’m sorry to say this, but my time is too late.
I hate my life as a fridge, nothing in the freezer will freeze, I also caught a cold, and every now and then I sneeze.
The five-year warranty fix has gone way over date, they’ll never fix me now, they haven’t fixed me ten years straight.
The spaghetti sauce is horrific, nothing is good inside me, nothing is nutritious.
I need a break from my life as a fridge, I need a nap, replace me with something else, it’s like I’m in a trap.
The tomatoes have gone wrinkly, like old ladies faces, everything is broken, especially the bases.
The mayonnaise is disgusting, I put it in my sandwich the other night, and when I took a bite out of it, it wasn’t a pretty sight.
The cheese has gone horrible, nothing could be any worse, and if these people don’t fix me, I will be known to burst.
Oh, and the fresh whipped cream, has obviously exposed, and you who is reading this, care for your fridge and keep it closed!


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