The moment they had all feared was finally upon them: the electric storm had arrived.
With the world in ruins, they began to board the ship in hope of salvation. Hope was lost for planet Earth: it had no life source. Its core was dead. There was no going back. Anyone who was left behind now was dead. I could smell the ashes from lifeless bodies left on Earth to rot, it was just me and a couple of survivors, while I was talking to somebody the Earth exploded in a matter of seconds.
“Maybe Mars will be better for us, maybe,” said William.
As we were drifting through space, we stopped, the engineer (Frank) thought it was the engine but it wasn’t, it was a creature. It had a sharp tail, razor sharp claws, a long head and a mouth inside a mouth.
I went to check on the engineer (he was in the engine room) but he was gone. I felt a slippery substance - it felt slimy like the slime I used to play with when I was younger. The alien profusely hissed, alerting me to its position (whoosh) I ran as fast as I could and while I was running I could see Frank hanging lifeless from a hook.
I heard a loud clunk of metal when the alien smashed down like a flaming meteorite. “Run!” screamed Alena.
I hid behind the radio shack in the top right part of the ship while the rest of the crew hid in the escape pods. I heard its hissing like it was right above me. It was like it had no brain and was killing because it was told to because of a hive mind or something. I was scared either scenario or timeline. I was scared and the rest of the crew were too.
I got enough courage and headed out crouching through the door. As I headed out, I saw the engine room it was covered in black sticky goop. I headed over to the counter where we served drinks. I saw its tail. It nearly hit my shoe but I shifted quick enough to avoid it.
I was extremely scared I thought it would have ripped out my brain. My heart was beating like 1000 lions. I made a mad dash for the escape pods and my comrades opened the door, but the power to the escape pod was down.
“The alien killed the only engineer on board.”
It was three levels up from where I was. I was dead, the grim reaper was looming over me. I dashed while crouching, reaching the stairs. There was a loud thud - probably a vase crashing from the alien.