I Think I Need A Lie Down

I think I need a lie down. It started, my performance, I’m so nervous I can barely feel my hands. I walk to the front of the stage and try to put on a smile. I wave at the audience and they cheer, my heart is beating, and I feel faint and before total embarrassment the lion tamer comes on stage and covers for me I stumble off, ashamed and embarrassed, walking off to my van, I sleep not waking up to any noises, not the possums and squirrels, not the cheer of the crowd and not even to the strange business men talking to the ringleader…
I wake up in a daze, I get changed and without thinking walk into the ringleader’s cabin. “Mornin Sir” I say, my words slurred and eyes heavy, “whas tha?” I ask noticing a brief case filled with notes. “What?” He says looking down at the briefcase. “Oh, this?” he says “er, just, well I need to talk to you…”
I can’t believe it, well I can, but I don’t want to. Fired, I have no job, nowhere to stay and no money.
But that gets me thinking, how does the ringleader have so much and why in a briefcase, why not a bank? I decide to go back in there and confront him, but he is gone I look around and find the briefcase and look inside, there must be a thousand hundred-dollar bills in here, which would equate to 100,000 dollars! I’m in shock, I decide to tell the rest of the circus and I start gathering them up, I know the ring is out and won’t be back till dawn, so I’m not worried about that, soon enough I have rounded up the whole circus and I explain. They listen, but they don’t seem to be as surprised or as on edge as me, I ask what’s the matter and the worst thing that could happen, happens. They start laughing they hoot and holler, I swear I could even see the lion and elephant crack a smile. “It’s true!” I say, desperately trying to convince them. After a while they stop laughing and look perplexed, “we get” the lion tamer says, “no need to continue the joke”. It’s my turn to look confused and an awkward silence proceeds until the clown speaks up, “where you not at the meeting yesterday after the show?” he asks. “Um, no, I wasn’t” I say, “I wasn’t felling to well, so I went back to have a lie-down” Murmurs from the crowd follow and the lion tamer speaks up. “Well yesterday, the ringleader gathered us up after the show and told us some pretty exciting news, a group of mobsters have been running from the police and need a place to lay low and they are paying us immensely well.” I stare open mouthed at the crowd, hoping this to be another joke.
Nothing… “Oh, and one more thing” Says the lion tamer, still grinning from last nights news. “If anyone leaves the circus for good while the mobsters are here, they will kill them as to make sure they’re not found out.” “So, try not to get fired” the lion tamer chuckles, slapping me on the back. I gulp turning pale. I think I need a lie down.


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