Then, we started to run from the fatal monster, it was chasing after us. It was two in the morning. Jack and I did not know what to do, we were panicking like crazy. We ran up and down the hills feeling anxious. Jack started to slow down, I asked him what was wrong, he said run. I was shocked I did not know what had happened, he then said he would fight the monster. So I continued to run up and down the hills thinking about Jack. Then all of a sudden I heard a scream and for some reason that scream just made me run faster. I then got to this dark and terrifying place. My heart was racing, my limbs were shaking and I was scared out of my brains. I was all alone at three am, the spooky hour. It then started to thunderstorm. I stood there in disbelief when I saw a clone of myself. I said to myself how? The clone started to walk towards me, as it was walking towards me and staring at me I walked towards it, it was like it was pulling me.

To be continued…...


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