Elizabeth Learns Not To Steal

On the 13th of May 1788 at Botany Bay on a hot sunny day, lived a 13-year-old boy named James and a 7-year-old girl named Elizabeth. They were both are orphan kids, but they played together, lived together, and treated each other like brothers and sisters. Elizabeth is an amicable girl and James is a thought and caring boy. Elizabeth was wearing a bonnet made from left-over materials along with a ripped apron and closed shoes without socks.

A long period of time later, while James and Elizabeth were playing together Elizabeth saw a house door open to a kitchen full of delicious food. She then asked James “Hey James the door is opened do you want me to creep inside and get a loaf of bread?” “No, no don’t creep inside and steal a loaf of bread!”

Later that afternoon, James was dreaming in his nap while Elizabeth was thinking whether she should creep inside or just stay seated. A few minutes later Elizabeth gave up and crept inside. As she was stealing the loaf of bread the owner of the house screamed “WHO IS IN MY HOUSE TRYING TO ROB ME?” Then the owner ran down the stairs and caught Elizabeth.

Elizabeth screamed and screamed until James woke up and heard her scream. Elizabeth got punished for stealing and was forced to work as a servant. As she was mopping the floor she had tears falling down her face, whispering to herself “Why didn’t I just listen to James and not get myself into trouble?”

Luckily when James woke up he followed the sound of the screaming and climbed up the window that was open and jumped through. He had a walk around the house while the owner is having a nap and found Elizabeth mopping the floor. “Quick Elizabeth” whispered James “Let’s escape out of this window”.

At last Elizabeth was safely back home without getting punished. James asks her “Why did you steal when I told you not to?” She replied, “Because I just wanted to have some food for me and you, I’m so sorry.” In the end, Elizabeth learned to never steal again.


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