To Conquer The Rope

I stand there thinking i need to do this. I calm myself down and unleash my stress. "i need to do this." i tell myself, but it doesn't work. I stumble, half way across and nearly fall. As its stressing me out, i fearfully fall, but manage to grab onto the rope before. I was relived but think to myself that i can't do it. So i pull myself up with all my might, and fight myself to keep going. I willingly walk slowly onwards, wobbling on my every step. The darkness comes back to haunt me, and i lose control. A moment before time, i remember my mother and what she always did and said if she was in a situation like this. She would focus her mind on happy things like, friends, family and holidays. She would always say "If you fall, get back up and try again." It was a shame she was gone, but i knew i had to keep fighting. As i take a few more steps, and look down to see my father holding my lucky stone. My lucky stone always gave me motivation and confidence. I knew he would be there for me. Looking at dad, made me think how far away i was, considering i was half way through the clouds. But i knew i had to complete this. So i closed my eyes, thought of my lucky stone and kept that thought in my head, knowing that i need to. Steps away from the end i know i can do this. But suddenly, my foot slips making me fall with my hand out of reach from the rope. That sucked the life out of me, i had one thing to do but failed. I then lived the rest of my knowing a was completely utterly useless, and a failure. And that was the end of Madi.


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