Where The Eagle Soars

Excellence Award in the 'Inspired 2019' competition

Find me where the red soil stains and the people are tough
Where the scrub grows thick and the cattle are rough
Where a wedged tailed eagle soars in the cloudless sky
The place my heart is tethered to, where I'll stay until I die
Take me home to the gum trees and the wattle on the breeze
The opal creeks and sandy roads and emerald coloured leaves
To the ranges where the dingoes howl and wild horses roam
To the old wooden house and cattle yards, my first and forever home
Leave me where the wild things are and the grass is lush
Where the sunset dies in vermilion and blush
The paddocks where the wildflowers bloom, grow and die
To the country where the eagle soars in the sapphire sky.


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