My Life So Far.........

Excellence Award in the 'Inspired 2019' competition

My Life So Far…….

The end is in sight, I can’t believe that it’s true
Primary school will be over, what will I do
It feels like last week, I was a new little prep
My uniform too big, me taking the big step
I sometimes feel old, as the pressure is on
Being in grade 6, my books weigh a tonne
But the new opportunities, I can’t wait to take part
High school next year, I want it to start
Still just a child, my world is so vast
Wrapped in a bubble, I know it can’t last
I love all my friends, and my family too
They all want what’s best, I know that is true
I feel so lucky, for all that’s happened so far
I thank God each night, and wish on the star
So I take the next step, with excitement and pride
And I’ll take the ups and downs, all in my stride.

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