Rain, The Process Of Anticipation, Realisation And Ultimately Renewal

Excellence Award in the 'Inspired 2019' competition

The once bountiful and tranquil meandering river is now a lifeless trickle.
Surrounding vegetation now painfully warped, wilted and weak.
Their curled leaves dry and bone brown begging for relief.
Their world abandoned and dry, surrendering to its fate ruled by the sky.

Trepidation surrenders to the dark and burdened rolling clouds.
Branches, barron and beaten, reached up to the sky, exhausted and frail.
Plentiful Clouds, mercifully laden with water ready to soothe, quench and relieve.
Rains wafting sweet perfume, beginning its journey to resume.

Anticipation gives way to a deafening silence. Will the rain ever come?
Lightning and thunder sound out over the horizon, like a starter's gun.
The first shimmering diamond raindrops land with a puff of brown dust.
The life saving rain, soothing and pure, an opportunity to heal and cure.

The rain gently embraced and caressed the land.
Droplets pooled and slowly journeyed to the river.
For its final act, a reminder of its beauty, a glorious rainbow.
The bountiful and tranquil meandering river, full of rain and ready to be a life giver.