I was falling down an endless black hole, swimming in an ocean of pain. I watched the stars pass me as I fell. Time felt slow. My whole body weighed me down, yet I felt myself fly for the last time. Defying my fathers commands, being disgraced by my brother of hell. My sacrifices had given me torturous pain. Still sinking, I felt the weight of gravity for the first time. I felt....mortal. In an immortal way. I thought of my love. My sweet, love. I thought of her face like it would be the last time. I saw the tops of buildings pass, and prepared for the ground to hit as gravity pulled me down. It’s as if time stopped alltogether. Gravity had given its gift. That’s when I heard her. I heard her scream, and call to me as I groan and try to move, but only make it to my knees. I felt her presence wrap around me.
“What happened!” She cried, “Where are your wings? There is no doubt the heavens know you are here! What are you doing! You’ll be killed for coming back!”
Her crystal blue eyes shone in the dark, her rosy cheeks stained with water. My body ached. My heart hurt for her sadness. I clutched her close to me, cherishing my love.
“I’m no longer an angel” I shook as I spoke. The second I said that word my back fired me with pain that shot throughout me. I let out a shout and grit my teeth.
“What is it! What’s happening! Why are you no longer an angel?” She screamed, though I knew why she hurt.
“I’m....fallen” I watched her face soften and her eyes leak more tears, “No-please! Do not cry”
“Why-what? I don’t understand, you went back! I don’t!” Her face softened more, if it was possible. “Did they take your wings? I swear, on my mothers grave that I will kill whoever did this to you!”
I took her hand. “I chose this” I watched her eyes grow sad, then confused.
“Why?” She whispered. I looked at her, the most beautiful creature that had walked this earth.
“You” I said. Her face drained of all colour and she started crying again.
“You chose to get banished from heaven, and lose your wings...for me?” She searched my eyes for answers. I put my hand on her face and smiled with all my heart.
“Because I love you”, I said, “I will never stop loving you. What good is it to live forever if I can’t live with you? You are my world, my everything. Up there, it’s like I’m drowning in a sea of desire and you are the only one who can save me. I’d do anything to be with you. Nothing can stop me from loving you. Not heaven, not hell. No mountain or sea, nothing in this world could keep us apart, because this is not my world...you are.”