Amongst the marvellous mangroves I see,
Mozzing, flying like the Brahminy.
Oh no!, raging rapids, Here comes the unpleasant, fatal damage.
A sudden silence, Cleared the area with no harm or violence.
When it comes to touring,
The mangrove ls hang in the air from the breath of humanity.
When we set on our boats,
Then we rest and it floats. All at once I see bright red and calmness, From the red Fiddler Crabs that fed in such silence
So pleasant, nature I smell,
You are so sweet like a dazzling bell.I taste the Salty leaves,
Provided with delight Ness and such please. Where's the Croc? I want to see it,Is it hiding in the rocks, Oh my! I can't believe it!
The Crocodile's feet were short and strong,But his great, white teeth were long...