Wicked Games

It wasn’t normal, it was getting stronger. My head spinning with thoughts. How did this happen? Why was I changing so fast? I went from being the best to be the worst. I went from being a someone to a no one and it all happened in a flash. One minute everything was perfect and the next everything was falling apart. The ending was near, but it felt like the beginning. I wanted everything to go back to the way it was. I never used to miss a moment of my life until now. People kept telling me not to care and move on, but I held on and my world died out. There was nothing left for me, things were getting better but then it blew over. Something wanted me to stay and not move from where I was, but a part of me wanted to move on as fast as I could. Everything surrounding me shattered into pieces it was coming for me. The pieces scared my body leaving nothing but great pain. It had caused me to burn into tears but even then, the pain grew stronger. I wanted the sun but all I got were dark clouds and rain. I wanted life and death, but I couldn’t decide which one. What was worse I couldn’t decide. Once again, my mind spinning with thoughts. Nothing made sense. I screamed and screamed begging for it to all stop but there was no response. Then suddenly, the room went completely white. Was I back into life? Did life win over death? what was going on? It wasn’t normal. It was growing weaker and with a flash. I felt pain and regret. It wasn't normal. It was getting stronger.


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