Adventure Girl

Awaken to the light of morning, sense adventure to come that day, though tired lift her spirits high, begin the well journey tonight.
Running through large pine forests, climbing rocky mountain cliffs, don’t be afraid, she knows the way, follow her along the trail.
Bungee jumping, bushwalking, camping out amongst the stars, there’s more to life than only living.
Dark and gloomy shadowed caves, crystal waters under the sun, there are no rules to nature’s praise my friend.
Trekking along the beaten path, twisting turning up the cliffs, snow and ice cover every footprint.
Flower chains in my hair, sunny days and evening rains, water lilies’ float like little boats on the horizon.
Beach days, pool days, hot and sticky, outdoor sports and golden light, dresses or shorts and tee, bring this feeling back to me.
Falling leaves in red and gold, sunsets like polished amber, brown grasses and flickering candle light.
Kathrine, Anna, Glenna and Brooke, see her dance among the wildflowers, Petra, Lily, Phoebe and Zara, see her running in the sun.
If you inspire to be free, that girl, she can be you and me.


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