Anna's Death Day

As I put the knife to Anna's chest, I realized that the voice inside of me was right all along; I couldn't kill Anna. I didn't let that voice stop me. Today was Anna's death day.

My eyes fluttered open and my head throbbed with pain. I was trying to remember what happened the night before, but my thoughts were cut short when I realized that I was in Anna's house in her closet! I peeped through the small cracks in the wooden door and noticed Anna cleaning her kitchen, and then I saw it. A small yellow container with a caution sign plastered on the front of the bottle and a skull stuck on the lid. Suddenly, everything clicked. After I had gone to Anna's house to confront her about killing my parents, she gave me a few drinks and that was when my vision started getting blurry. Once I became disorientated, she gave me this drink, it didn't seem like alcohol or something I've ever had, though it tasted like water with a bad aftertaste. She had tried to poison me, like my parents. I was furious. She had stuffed me in the closet to cover me up after she realized I wasn't dead.

As I struggled to get out of the closet, I realized that Anna had locked me inside. What was I thinking? Anna would never leave the door open, or would she? As I pressed around on the wooden planks at the back of the wardrobe my fingers slipped and I tumbled forward. A secret room. I lurched my head from the ground and examined the area I was in. I heard wooden doors creak. Anna was done cleaning her kitchen, she was coming for me, holding a sharp silver object!

As she urged forward with the shiny knife in her grasp, I knew I was in trouble. She had heard me enter this mysterious lair. I push myself to my feet searching for a weapon, any weapon that could kill. I clung to a handle of a blade hanging precariously on a metal table. It was slathered in blood. As she came forward, I noticed her face had gone stiff. She stopped. She glared at me and looked into my eyes fiercely. Suddenly I was more scared than I was ever before, a cold shiver was sent down my spine. It was like she could see all of my vulnerability. Now was her time to attack.

As she came closer, an evil grin spread across her face. I tightened my grip on the knife. Her muscles tensed as she prepared to fight. Anna lunges then springs forward. With her spare hand she jolts her arm towards me, and grabs me by the neck, making it hard to breath. My face turned red as I battled to make Anna lose her grip. In the middle of my helpless struggling, I realise I still have the knife. I shoved it hard into Anna's leg. Instantly she fell to the ground. Now was my chance.

Without hesitation I picked up Anna's weakening body and forced her to the wall. I put the knife to Anna's chest and jabbed it deep into her nasty soul. Blood flowed from the open wound and dripped to the floor. I stepped back regretting everything that had just happened. I thought it would feel good to get revenge, but I was wrong. What have I done?


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