" Bang, Bang," Wake up fast Glen, we need to get out of this house quick. Glen did not what was going on. She quickly dressed up and walked outside the door, when she smelled the smokey air, she realised what the news person was saying last night the there were bombing alerts in their area, So their family tried to escape! When everything was packed up, they went off. Hours and Hours of driving had come to a stop in the traffic jam. Her dad had fallen asleep and mistakenly fallen asleep. He pressed the accelerator and hit the truck in front of them then all of a sudden there was a boom! everyone started running my dad said to me that keep on running, even if we fall back you must keep on running. Glen ran till night, The next day she found a puppy on top of her. The puppy had a luxurious mane coloured like the sunrise, Glen taught to keep her and call her sunrise. She never found her family for the next 3 years. All she relied on was sunrise and the animals that she ate, then one day. She went off to find her mum and dad but some bad people too her!


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