Back In Time

The cobblestone footpath to school crunched under Kevin’s ripped shoes. Something was wrong. There were no children playing outside and the school was quiet. Kevin continued, but not because he wanted to get to school. He was almost certain there was no school, but out of pure curiosity.

The schools doors were off hanging lifeless off their hinges, rusty and they creaked when Kevin opened them. He had never realised how derelict his school actually was.

Inside, there was someone in front of him, a girl, probably only a few years younger than him. She was crouched on the ground and crying. Her blouse was drenched in sweat and blood.

She looked up, her face was as pale as a ghost. Kevin asked her for her name but she just looked at him blankly. Then, slowly a word slipped out of her mouth, only just loud enough to hear, “Lucy”. Kevin lifted her up but he wasn't a muscular boy and that took most of his strength. They slowly walked down the corridor. Kevin wondered who she was. She certainly didn't seem from around here, but not just from a different country, there was something else.

They reached a door slightly open, a noise was coming from inside, they both peered inside and saw a tail waving around from behind a desk. Blood stained the floor, and at least half of the desks had been knocked over. The floor had claw marks on it as if a fight had just happened.

A bony head peered up and locked eyes with Kevin who had never experienced so much fear in his life as he did in that moment. The Raptor leapt over the desk and charged at Kevin, his life flashed before his eyes. But just before impact, an arrow flew past and smacked the Raptor square in the eye. It’s body landed on Kevin spraying blood all over him. Lucy, who had crawled into a ball by the wall, looked up. She examined her blouse which had just been coated in a fresh layer of blood.

Kevin flung the body of the Raptor back into the room, realising what the Raptor had been doing. Mr Susaki’s head was left on the ground covered in blood.

Kevin stood up, his legs shaking, looking for his saviour. It was only when Kevin noticed a hooded figure standing in the shadows about to knock an arrow into his bow that he grabbed Lucy by the arm and ran through the doors, down the footpath, tripping on a piece of broken stone and crashing face first into the ground.

No, It can’t end now. He got up and continued running. He didn't stop until he saw the crest, the police crest. He walked in, explained the recent events to the receptionist. When he finished, she just stared at him and burst out laughing.