Katy & Me

Katy and Me!

Katy love me! and I love Katy!
She always love patting me in my favorite spots!
She calles me belly because I LOVE A BELLY RUB! Katy is the best owner ever! but she wasn't always my owner.I once belonged to a old man called Tom there was a horrible fire I was lucky enough to survive the terrile fire, I was terrifid in horror . So I wen't to a adoption centre. Once Katy and her family visited the adoption centre and came across me . I turned two that day, but katy and her family wanted to bring me home with them. And I'm still with them and I'm five!

part two

Bella is sooooo cute!
I love bella so much . bella is has a so sad life before i got her . She gets so excited when someone comes in the house.
shes also so friendly to other dogs and people.



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