“Where am I..?”

Only those words fell out of my mouth as I looked around to see a woman who had golden hair poking at me very harshly. “She’s awake! She’s not dead,” the girl gasped in relief. “My names Meeka, I found you after you got into a car accident and been in a coma for a while...” Instead of my heart dropping, it started beating drastically like a drum. Questions came rushing to my mind, nearly as fast as the rain which was roaring outside.

“Um… according to your license card, your full name is Harlow Kofi?” Startled, I nod. “Do you remember any family members, or anyone you are related to?” “I was born in a mix family but I do not remember any of them...” Meeka nodded gradually as she wrote on a piece of paper and left the room. Looking around, I tried to inspect the room, trying to regroup my thoughts.

A Cheerful, happy smile passed by me as I walked down the hall while I thought to myself, “is this what hospitals are like?’ Looking down, I realised I was still in this uncomfortable gown. I went back to my ‘room’ and found my clothes neatly piled up on a green, rusty seat. Conveniently, there was a bathroom near my room, so I could change there. After sneaking out of the building, I looked around to see a place I never seen before. Everyone was being so kind to me, which was very weird since I don’t know them. Ouch! My leg is still injured badly, I should have stayed in that hospital but then again, I do not want to lie around and feel useless.

As I walk briskly along the slippery path, I stumbled really hard and I landed on my face. As I slowly looked up, I saw another familiar face. Meeka?!

“Harlow! I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been? Let’s get you back to the hospital, you’re still in bad condition” Meeka said to me as she guided us back to the building. Finally, we made it to the room I was in before.

“Alright, I’ll just get you to sit down while I’ll be gone, don’t get too comfortable, you won’t be sitting there for too long…” Meeka explained, grinning outside the room. Very strange... After a while, she came back with, I guess, more doctors, who were gawking at me.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, sweetie, we got you something to eat” one of the ‘doctors’ exclaimed, giving me a plate of strange pills. Blinking rapidly, my vision changes from seeing a small isolated room, to seeing my arms crossed and tied together. Looking around the room had padded white walls with 3 doctors in front of me.

“Go ahead sweetie, take the pill” They forcefully repeat, shoving the pill in my face. I stared to realise where I was, in a mental asylum. I don’t think I want to take the pill anymore…


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