The Butterfly That Eats Too Many Berries.

Day 1
One summer day, there was a crystal blue caterpillar walking across a thin, brown bench. The caterpillar was in an old lady’s backyard. In that backyard was bunches of flowers, veggies and fruit. He came across a bush and it was covered in bright red berries. He decided to try a little bit of the delicious looking red berries. He tasted them and fell in love! It was starting to get dark so he headed back and decided he was coming back tomorrow!
Day 2
The next day, he tried to rush over and could not get there any faster. Much to his excitement, there was more berries than the day before. So he decided to eat slowly so he could enjoy the moment because he thought it would be the last time. His tummy was getting full so he stopped eating and headed home.
Day 3
His friends were starting to see that he was getting chubby and spotted him munching on the red berries. He did not see the others looking at him.
Day 4
“Ok, he is getting too chubby,” the Lady Bug said to her friends. “I agree” said Cricket. “Let’s go and tell him” “Hey there, umm…caterpillar… we need to tell you something. You’re getting a little fat.” Caterpillar was chewing on the berries as they were telling him this. Sadly, the caterpillar was walking home worried that if he went back he would get picked on again. When he got home, he made a cocoon and hopped in…
Day 5
OMG! Look at me, I’m so beautiful! I’m going to show my friends, thought caterpillar. “You’re…you’re…you’re so pretty. Your wings are so colourful I’m jealous!” said his friends. “We are sorry we called you chubby.”


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