Danger ????

In the middle of the night, danger is everywhere in sight. People that turn into a wolves, vampires and hybrids they're half wolf half vampire oh and I can't forget about witches and vampire hunters they kill the vamps in town and the double ganga. Now your starting to think do we have all these supernaturals in our town well take a closer look your best friend might be a vampire killer, or your teacher might be a wolf or maybe just maybe your one of them I now that I'm one or more because I'm a ultra-hybrid you think of any beast alone above was horrible well you don’t want to find me. I became an ultra-hybrid when I was born in New Orléans in 1914 my family moved from Mystic Falls to New Orléans to have me my name is Bonnie and how did I turn into a hybrid well that’s a whole other story. In 1924 it was my birthday I was turning 10 that was the day I turned in order to turn you must drink human blood that day was the darkest day everyone I know was in danger my mum, dad, sisters and brothers I killed them all, I blacked out most of those days. I even turned into a wolf that meant I had to break every single bone in my body and trust me it hurts so much it's like your dying every wolf must do this every full moon so that’s a lot of turning. Witches now us Witches we are the balance were not supposed to get between vampire business we feel nature we keep the wilderness alive; we can do any spell; I have a little gang called VWW (Vampire, Witches and Wolfs) we all practice magic and do spells when we made this gang there was no stopping us if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us and you don’t want to mess with ME!!!! I will haunt you for the rest of your life. Now Double gangas do you know the way twins look the same well double gangas can look the exact same but here's the twist one double ganga can be born say like in 1890 the other can be born in 1980 that’s the twist and when one double ganga dies the bloodline of that double ganga will die maybe probably well now you should be thinking do I have a friend that’s one of these MONSTERS?