Fading Away

Listen! If you wait anymore you’ll be too late!
Hanging on desperately with just one single string
How can you not see my beauty’s fading when you’re snorkeling?
Truly I am inching upon the edge of a dine fate

A kaleidoscope of colours you once were able to see
Now I am merely bleached like Snow White
Algae is consuming me like a starving parasite
To me, your poisonous gases are like killer bees

Once colossal, one of a kind colossal coral reef
Instead, my 1500 species of fish are constantly decreasing
Temperatures have increased and like a soup, I’m overheating
Oh this global warming is causing such extreme grief

Please oh please will you stop this devastation
Pleading for some change but you don’t hear my calls
If you reduce poisonous plastic you can heal us all
We need to stop this now and all as one, God’s creation


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