Hannah’s Adventure

Hannah was an ordinary girl; well she was until a very strange thing happened. Let me tell you all about it…

It started on Wednesday 18 May when Hannah was walking through the forest. On her walk she encountered many odd creatures including a bird with a trunk, rabbit with wings and a tree with multi-coloured leaves.

After about a half hour of searching she found an old book with the title: The Wizard Manual Part 1. She read the first few pages but then she reached a page the said: Warning Do Not Continue Reading or Else!

Naturally she continued reading, and as she opened the next page a blinding flash of light appeared and she fell to the ground.

When she awoke, she felt extremely exhausted yet she only walked a short distance. As her gazed at her watch she realised that it was way past her bedtime and she tried to hurry home. She turned left, then right, then left again, however she could not find any trace of civilisation.

She opened the book again and found a spell in that book that she had never seen before. It said: Teleportation Spell No. 1A. She read the instructions:
1. Get grass seeds and put it on a black rock.
2. Put the black rock on your stomach and lie on the ground for 5 minutes.

It worked! She arrived in her bed before her parents awoke.

The next morning, she opened the book to the last page which said: Only Read If You Are a Level 1000 Wizard! Of course, she read it.

It was instructions on How to destroy matter and create chaos!
1. Get an Ultra-stone
2. Throw the Ultra-stone in the air.
3. If the world glows red it has worked.

So, she tried to find an Ultra-stone. First, she swam under the lake and then climbed a mountain but no stone. Eventually she saw on the top of the tallest tree in the town. Hannah tried to climb it but she could not get a grip.

In sheer frustration she kicked the tree with all her might. To her astonishment the tree opened up and a lift appeared at the base of the tree. The lift quickly took her to the top of the huge tree. At the top of the Hannah saw what she was looking for: The Ultra-stone.

Then the tree sprayed water at Hannah and shook. Her mind only focused on the Ultra-stone. She grabbed the Ultra-stone but it slipped out of her hands. As it was falling through the air it suddenly stopped before it hit the ground.

Hannah quickly went down the lift and threw the Ultra-stone in the air. The world started to glow red. Suddenly matter started ripping apart and destroying everything.

A giant wizard appeared and granted Hannah one wish. She immediately wished for peace to be restored for eternity. Immediately everything returned to normal and Hannah was just an ordinary girl again.


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