Kate The Mermaid


Kate was just an ordinary teenage girl with beautiful long ginger hair, and freckles on her face.
But there was something about her life that she did not know yet.
She went to the beach that afternoon.
Now, Kate didn’t get wet that often and every time she did she always had a rag covering her legs. No one knew why she did , Kate never told anyone. She was just about to put her feet into the ocean, when she heard a voice.
It was her Mum, and she calling out “it’s time to go home darling”. The next morning Kate decided to have a normal bath with no rag. She was shocked at the sight of her tail. This would be a massive surprise for anyone!
Kate thought it was way too big of a surprise for her mum as well so she kept it a secret.
She got dressed and came out to have breakfast. “Why do you look so happy asked Kate’s mum?”. No reason answered Kate.
It was Katie’s 18th Birthday and she finally got up the courage to tell her mum she was a mermaid. Her mum quickly told everyone and Kate was famous. She even found some more mermaids to play with. Their names were Violet and Brooklyn.

The End.



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