I was aboard my ship the Mariner 14. Or as I'm supposed to say Captain Abren’s spaceship. We were in space. Only 13 hours to the new planet. We couldn't stay on earth. It's not safe. It’s overrun by monsters. As a final grasp to save earth. 5 men. 5 women. Were sent on the mariner 14 to go to a new planet. I am among them. Just then the power went down. We couldn't have been at the new planet already. Something was very wrong...

From the ships cafeteria I heard Abren calling the mechanic, Dan down to the engine room. Dan spoke in his determined voice. But as he turned the corner to the engine room. It broke. “Bebilith!” Those were Dan’s last words. Before I heard the unnatural sound of flesh being ripped from a human body. Before I could realise what was happening, everyone ran to their rooms. However, I was smart, I ran to th
e emergency room. So did Abren. We got in just before the Bebilith could spot us. The power suddenly rebooted and I shut the electric locking door. The emergency room was well hidden. It was made of solid titanium and had a direct access panel to the ships security. Abren was thinking like me, he used the key card to access the security cameras. Studying the cameras I had a plan, a risky one at that. One that involved a lot of sacrifice. But we needed to survive, the fate of humanity literally relied on it. I finally spoke and I told Abren my plan, being the hero he is he refused. But humanity relied on it. So with a little persuasion he agreed. At that instant I heard another scream before the Bebilith got someone. I was dumbfounded Bebilith were meant to be among the feeble minded of monsters. But not this one, it was tearing through the door looking for something. Looking for prey. I had to do my plan soon. So over the speakers I called “This is Dabria speaking one man please lure the Bebilith into an escape pod and launch away. Stay in the pod with it or it might lose interest”. Abren stood behind me shaking his head I was wondering why until I realised there was no one left on the ship I checked every camera dead... dead… dead! All I did was alert the Bebilith to our location.

I tried to hide although it was no use, the Bebilith had found us. Abren was no hero. He pushed me towards the Bebilith and hid. Unexpectedly the Bebilith did not attack me, then it all came back. My mission? End humanity. That was why the Bebilith was so good. I trained it to hunt. Back home. I turned to Abren this is what happens to traitors. I killed him, choked him with my bare hands. I traded my humanity for a darker purpose. Who am I? Dabria Angel of Death.