Game Of Life

What keeps you going when all hope is lost
How can I keep fighting in a town full of ghosts
What keeps your spirit when everyone's gone
How can you keep moving when you stand alone
Without a beacon of hope, you will be indulged by the night
If you have no one to love, you have no source of light
The shining bright stars, give me hope when I'm lost
But I won't stop fighting until you come home
Don't leave me like this it's not worth the pain
The memories we shared, the happiness we gained
I thought we were forever but that all seemed to change
When your forever was cut short and my whole world turned to grey
I watched as he fought, but his opponent was much stronger
He had a willingness and a drive, to always work harder
I saw him give his all to the very last breath
But when the final bells sounded, there is nothing left to give

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