Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day… a day of peace love and friendliness, or so I thought. As always my family’s tradition on Valentine’s Day was to exchange gifts brought the day before. I usually brought a card and a small gift like a bath bomb or chocolates but mostly what I brought depended on that person’s personality and tastes my little brother David knocked softly on my door. “Come in!” the door handle twisted and a short slim blonde boy walked in this was David, he was a sweet little boy “mummy said you should come down for swap ceremony, it’s my first one!” David beamed. “Ok I’ll be down In a second” I replied he turned around and basically jumped down the stairs I followed after, when I got down stairs I was squished into my dad’s armpit by a ‘welcoming’ hug more like gross hug I thought. “Can we start now?” David pleaded “ok everyone go get you gifts!” my mum announced David ran up the stairs and again I followed I pulled the gifts out of my hiding spot and walked down the stairs David smiling widely behind me, when we were all settled in the living room my mum said David could exchange his gift first. It all took so long so I suppose ill just tell you what I got David gave me a small teddy bear, mum gave me makeup, and dad gave me keys? He said go look outside I jumped up to look and saw a bright red… jeep?!?! Oh my god “thank you so much guys I love it!!!” I exclaimed. I drove to school in my jeep but stopped on the way to pick up hopper (he was my friend) unlike me he didn’t have a car so I decided to pick him up. When I pulled up at his house hoppers parents car wasn’t there which was unusual because his parents car was almost always at his house I beeped the horn and no one came out I pulled my door handle pushed it open and did not bother to close it behind me I trotted up to the door and pressed the doorbell hardly. I heard footsteps coming and the handle twisted and to my surprise mal scions (he was a bully) stood at the door way. “What are you doing here?” I demanded him “umm I live here now” mal answered snobbishly “so where is hopper?”
“Why would I care?” he mumbled and shut the door in my face
“Ugh whatever” when I got to school there was an announcement for everyone to go to the hall. When I finally got there teachers were paring kids up to dance I took my place but when a teacher called my name I was pared up with MAL! I jumped out of my seat and questioned if I could swap partners “no Tess” I ran up to mal “I have to dance with you?” same here Nerd!”

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