Dane Snap And The Circus Of Oompa Loompa

As I stepped onto the grass I saw a road that said;
Time to Shine Circus Time.
At first I was confused but then I saw eight sheep flying in excitement. One sheep was holding five cents in its right paw and another was throwing tennis balls everywhere. Right under the sheep there stood an old rusty gate with a sign. The sign looked like someone ate it and left it into three quarters. It was hard to read but I think it said welcome to Dane snaps circus. In my head, I thought I should go home and take a rest, but before you know it there was an old lady by a tree watching me. At first I said hi and walked off worried but then two of the sheep picked me up and took me to the funny old lady. Who are you? I said in anger I'm Dane snap and you will become one of my circus Oompa Loompas. Wait what!!! Are you going to pay me and when will I go home? “I don't know when will you go home Ha Ha Ha. The sheep lifted me very high and took me through the circus. On the way I saw kids like me performing talent shows and dressed up like Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I don't want to do this they looked like they haven't showed changed and eaten in a while. Finally the two sheep dropped me off from laughter. I saw a tiny shed opened so I went in. It was very dark but I could hear the music, I walked down some stairs, through some doors and then into a light. There were little kids doing tricks and Dane snap was instructing them. I got out of there just in time, I saw three clowns dancing in front of me and one of them gave me a costume with a grin on the clown's faces. I put on the costume on and I looked just Oompa Loompa. It was funny but scary at the same time but I just did what they said. Finally, I finished the most tiring day ever. I had to perform shows, make food, create building and break objects. I am never doing that again! Dane snap finally let me have a break from working because I was being good. I tried to find an exit but I couldn't find any. Right above a small statue there were some keys lying on it. I carefully picked it up and looked at it. It said exit key 11 on it, I was confused at first but then I saw an exit sign saying key 11. I ran as quickly as I could and twisted the key as I stepped out in freedom. I'm free, yelled in happiness. I ran home and gave my family a hug.