Excellence Award in the 'Inspired 2019' competition

A juxtaposition of a sanguine disposition and a pessimistic condition
She vanquishes his extraneous opponents while he is her reticent proponent
Yet he opposes himself in a persistent battle of attrition
Insistent that his composition is fractured and flawed
Ubiquitous thoughts governing his psyche, draining him empty
Forcing him to stand in awe
For he is unworthy of holding one so perfect and holy
Guided by her graceful hand through a hellish land of doubt
Does he truly deserve one who so willingly serves?
An unnerving observation of his conservation
His verve and vigour lacking, his merits lagging behind others
An overtly average figure in a larger picture
And yet, she remains. Why does she stay?
She needs the tame glimmer in this lame sitter
Apart, they are dimmer names filled with shame, archives of blame
But together they are renamed to reclaim their lives from chains