My eyes fill with tears, and I could hardly see.
This cancer is stealing my father, slowly away from me.
I can't stand to see him suffer, I pray his pain would go away.
His light inside him fades a little more, with every passing day.
God can you hear me? I never ask for much
Would it be so wrong for me to ask that you give my dad your special touch?
He looks so frail and weakened, not like the superman I know
I hate the cancer, the demon, that came so long ago
I sit beside my father, as they take his life away
God why didn’t you hear his daughter, now he won’t live another day
I wade through my life now, without my dad by my side
I’m head deep in numbness, but I still wish I was the one that died
They do say that time will heal, and god what they say is true
But they don’t say quite what you feel, and dad I still feel you

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