The Creepy Neighbour

I was in my big blue room lying on my blue bed when I heard a very loud WHOOSH!
My tiny window swung open as some wind came in towards my White House. I closed my small window quickly, but then my left side angry neighbour showed me his weak fist. But as he did this, the strong wind stopped coming!
I blinked once, twice and to my surprise my angry mean neighbour was completely gone.
I gasped, ran outside very fast and walked slowly to his house. I gently knocked on his old dusty door but when I did he did not answer. I looked in his big window and he still wasn’t there, so I decided to forget about it. I turned around to walk back to my house but when I turned back m, m, my neighbour was staring at me.
I shivered as I was so scared and I just ran away. I ran in and called my mum, but she didn’t answer! I called her again but still she didn’t answer. I looked in the kitchen, into her bedroom and guess what…she wasn’t there! I cried and cried, my tears dripped slowly down my face as I ran to my room and laid on my bed. I then heard a loud CHOP! I looked at my neighbour’s window and in his hand was a knife!
I ran to his house and I saw that he had my... FAMILY! And they were all floating. I went to him and shook him. He looked at me with his red glowing eyes! My floating parents grabbed me and they had red eyes too! I closed my eyes to scream but when I opened them, I realised that I was in bed! I went to the kitchen and saw my family, I gave them a big cuddle.

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