Emily Rodgers - The Case Of The Stolen Dinosaur Bone

Emily Rodgers is a famous detective. She loves to solve crimes. One of her favourite places was the Dinosaur Museum so her mum and dad took her to the Dinosaur Museum to celebrate her special talent as a great detective. As she was walking past the T-rex display a man ran out of the museum with a dinosaur bone. Then the Triceratops display suddenly crashed down to the ground, so Emily knew the man had stolen a bone from the Triceratops display. The next day, Emily was up early to start solving her new case. She called it "The Case of the Stolen Dinosaur Bone". Emily went back to the museum with her uncle and watched the footage on the security cameras. As they were watching the footage, her uncle said: “I know that guy, he is my friend.” “What, he is your friend?” “Yes, and he just lives four blocks away.” “Ok let’s go and see him.” When they arrived, Emily knocked on the door, but the man closed the door as soon as he saw them. He didn’t lock the door so they went in. Whilst Emily asked him some questions about the missing dinosaur bone her uncle looked around his house for the bone. He found the bone and took it to Emily, and she took it back to the museum. Emily helped put the Triceratops display back together. Everyone at the museum was so happy that Emily had solved the case. Emily became such a famous detective that she even got to be a character on a movie. Emily solved more cases and became more and more famous every day. She loved being a detective and she never abandoned her talent.
The End