The Phantom In My House!

It was a dark and stormy night on Cherry Tree Lane. I was in my bed reading a book and then I heard it...there was a CREAK. I was so scared I jumped under the blanket and waited. I was under the blanket for 2 to 3 hours and then I heard it again. I looked around the house and saw it, a beautiful phantom. She looked like my grandma I said to myself "Is this my grandma? I thought she was dead." but I was wrong because my grandma was in her house sound asleep but that is a whole other story anyway there was a phantom in my house! And she was beautiful, have I said that already? I think I have. Back to the story now when I saw her, she had the weirdest look in her eyes. Now this was no ordinary phantom she was sent down to Earth. Her master ordered her to come down to Earth. Now back to the story again this phantom disobeyed her master and ran away but she was punished so now she looks upon happy and sad people and when she found me, she felt happy even though she had a sad life. Now I hang out with her we are best friends. Well that is the end of my adventure you can call it an adventure. Always remember to always stay happy even through hard times.
The End

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