The Bad Storm

BANG! Lightning struck as I was playing my computer. I was hoping my Wi-Fi would not go out. This was the worst storm ever.
Then it had to happen. My Wi-Fi went out. The lights flickered then it was pitch black. As I was struggling to get out of my room, CRASH I tripped over my computer cord. I quickly grabbed my flashlight and shined it on my computer, it was smashed "UH now I cannot play Fortnite anymore." As I was staring at my computer doing take the L.
Yes, peaceful, finally there was no more lightning but then, CRASH, BAM BANG! The tree in the back yard had fallen down. I was scared, the beach waves next door were aggressive, it looked like there was a tornado.
My name was Zoe, I was a little gorgeous girl with beautiful brown hair and blue eyes. I wasn't very tall. I was the shortest in my class. I loved birds. I had one sister Lexi. Lexi, she was a kind sweet, loving
person but not to me. She always yelled at me and told me to do stuff but I never do. Lexi is such a dragon.
My monkey looking Mum walked into my room. "Zoe go clean up the yard the storm has stopped" said Mum. "Uh about time it has" I said. "Yeah can you go clean up the yard now?" Said Mum. "Ok" I said. I
walked outside and saw the big tree getting loaded into the big truck.
After I cleaned up the yard. Then I had a warm shower. Next, I had dinner and went to bed. I was as snug as a bug in a rug.